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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  August 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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this morning. this video was sent in by a viewer in tempe. and flooding in tucson. look at that trashcan floating down the street. the storm hit southern arizona 1st and then moved up here to the valley. we have complete storm coverage from tucson to apache junction to phoenix. let's till -- start with paul. >> a little break right now. a lot of the sac moved to the north of us. at stake it to the valley pinpoint doppler radar. showers north of prescott moving into williams and flagstaff. light rainfall. thunderstorm activity north of show low. and right along the rim of the right river and showers in clifton. here are the rainfall totals. shower activity in the west valley. also moving through phoenix.
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just outside the 202. some areas getting an accumulation of 1.5 inches. an isolated area with over 2 inches. with passing storms we are seeing clearing skies. temperatures cooler with an average high of 105. we're sitting at 93 right now. the threat of storms continues for tomorrow. when will and? that answer will come up. one of the hardest hit areas was apache n vengeance around lunchtime. on a was in the middle of it earlier and, donna, it looks a lot different. >> it certainly does. earlier mother nature showed no mercy. this place is filled with washes. many overflowed. as you can see my the street behind me. the flooding that this place got and the pounding that got wreaked havoc.
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it was safe to pass. authority say if you have to think about it, don't cross. public safety workers have a hard time keeping up with barricades they did their best. and then there were the folks on the street. a wash literally emptied right out onto the street. road became a river threatening to flood homes. >> it becomes worrisome because it was in my driveway onto the porch. that is scary for me. i don't have flood insurance. i did bring it up to my insurance company, allstate, and they told me i don't have it at this point in the this is in the flood zone. >> reporter: i did talk with the public works director for the city of apache junction. he said they have been were care to try to remediate the flooding during monsoons. he says there is a lot more work to do. however the cost is astronomical. reporting live from apache junction. before phoenix got hit, the heart of the storm hit tucson.
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the fire department is the with 75 weather related calls and that was in just 2 hours. more than half of the calls were for vehicles stuck in water. the storms in tucson kept the city crews busy. they could be dealing with more flooding issues tomorrow. >> reporter: the city is still drying out. several hours later. but the river is still growing. the usgs was out here earlier and they measured 4000 cubic feet per 2nd. that is 10 times more than the water flowing here. >> it was coming down hard. >> reporter: over a short period of time, between 2.5 and 3 inches of rain fell on tucson city center. smack this is one of the hardest storms i can remember hitting the downtown area. >> reporter: all of that water
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nearly 9 feet filling up this downtown underpass. >> we had one submerged vehicle that has since been towed away. >> reporter: street crews getting it pumped out before rush-hour traffic. not far from there in a residential neighborhood another vehicle was swept away with a woman inside. the rushing water pinning it against a bridge. >> i know the power of water the power of water that n is crazy. i emergency crews had to break out the back window to rescue her. >> i think it is scary. >> reporter: the tucson department of transportation is preparing for another round of rain tomorrow. since the ground is already saturated it could mean a repeat flooding. into sin -- in tucson.
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of flooded wash. the asked one -- the last one can be easy to forget. if you are hydroplaning take a foot off the gas. we received a lot of commuters nvidia -- we received a lot of pictures and videos. you can get the latest weather updates and straight your phone. east valley homeowners, they want answers. thtu help. some homeowners are tired of having the power go out even when there is no bad weather in sight. jason investigates. >> reporter: we know when the weather gets bad across the valley there is a chance our homes will lose power. but what if the skies are clear like now? and the power still goes out? that is exactly what melissa tells me she has been going through. she is not alone.
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mesa have been dealing with a number of power outages this month that have nothing to do with whether. early this morning the power went out again. it's the 4th power outage in the past 4 weeks creating a lot of frustration for families. today msrp spokesperson told me a bad underground cable is causing the problem and they are working to fix it. >> we're looking at purchasing a generator so we can survive the outages that are happening all the time. the frustration level is through the roof. we are mad, upset, we're not getting answers. it's horrible. >> we have thrown extra resources into fixing the situation. but the end of the week we will have construction crews working on it. help to have it completed within 3 weeks. back neighbors are worried they will have more power outages as as a be crews worked to fix the problem. and told srp will put in a
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power until the situation is resolved. homeowners have complained about the added expense they've endured, motel rooms, perishable foods, i'm told customers can call srp customer care service line and they will consider reimbursement on a case-by-case basis. reporting from srp headquarters. a lot of them seemed fake or unrealistic. phony. >> he is not running for office the valley teenager wants to
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we are continu through the weather video. this isimpressive from the city of phoenix. this is a time lapse. you see the dust storm as it enters the city. we will continue to show you more pictures of today's storm throughout the newscast. he is no politician and he doesn't want a career in politics, but a valley student is putting up his own political sign. he is a senior in gilbert.
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wanted a sign. he's been getting a lot of feedback and most of it has been positive. >> the most surprising reaction was my principal, i didn't think she would be quite as appreciative as others. when she started praising it on twitter i was amazed. a big shout out to ms. murphy. >> he got the idom and another one. after the rainfall earlier today, we have sunshine. the next round of rain, will move in? that coming up. a new store between maricopa county and the d-backs. one leader's comments regarding the future of the team. ringing the amazon to arizona.
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what a day for weather. southern arizona got soaked tucson it looks like the streets turned into rivers. see how much water collected on the road is a large truck just goes by. that same storm system lived into the valley a few hours later. people in the east valley saw the rain 1st. distillate -- video is from gilbert. you probably saw a wall of dust moving into the valley. check out this adot camera.
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paul is with us now. we are waiting for the next round. >> it looks like we have a good chance of it through the overnight hours through tomorrow. flash flood watch until wednesday evening. nice activity earlier today. as you can see, staying dry here but a lot of the showers to the north of us. you can see just outside of baghdad out toward ash part. flagstaff seeing rain. along the rim, from holbrook toward show low and south of clifton seeing another round of rain. our forecast, a called for the rainfall and we got it. especially in apache junction. over 2 inches. in the far east valley, fountain hills gun -- got close to 1.5 inches. half-inch itself mountain.
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harbor. flash flood warnings will continue tonight through the overnight hours. and again for tomorrow evening. the threat is there for more rain. the ground is saturated with all the rainfall we experienced on friday. here's a look at what's left of the culprit. this is what's left of tropical storm javier. it's weakening. packing winds of 2 packing winds of 230mph. of the baja peninsula. it will continue to bring with it subtropical moisture throughout the valley. satellite radar showing shower activity south of us with the best chance of rain fall taking place tonight, mainly clear skies with pretty clear conditions and dry conditions with the rain moving in tomorrow in tucson and along the i-10. the threat will stay with us through the afternoon and evening on wednesday into thursday. seven-day forecast. with some of the passing storms
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upper 90s thursday. friday conditions start to dry out and as we see clear skies things heat up. 107 on saturday. new developments in the case of the phoenix serial killer. bullet casings have been recovered. that according to a new police report. descriptions were given in at least 3 of the attacks including a black vehicle -- bmw. le $50,000 reward is offered. veto anything, you can remain anonymous. tonight we are getting our 1st look at the man shot by phoenix police on sunday. the 26-year-old was booked on numerous charges including aggravated assault and resisting arrest. police say he assaulted 3 people including his own mother. he threatened her with a knife.
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he continued to fight the no officers were hurt. we do have a very sad story. 3 men were rescued from an underground storage unit. tonight we learned a 2nd man has now died. it happened near 3rd avenue and carefree highway. one of the victims was identified as doctor william tryon. the popular veterinarian save the lives of countless animals. >> it wasn't about money. it was about taking care of his clients and all large animals. >> a 3rd person is still in the hospital. firefighters say grain in the storage unit underground mix with water creating dangerous co2 levels. the fight between the arizona diamondbacks maricopa county for upgrades chase field -- field is getting personal. the county rejected most of the
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apologizing for a fight that spilled into the streets. >> i guess the passion got the better of me. in the subject got the better me. >> andy kunasek referring to his blowup with the diamondbacks. these documents show he told the team's president if it were up to me i would let you take your stupid team and get out. take it all and go back to lake west virginia. while he is apologizing for the language he used, he did say he was angry over some of the accusations made by the diamondbacks about him and the county. >> there was a statement made for mr. hall that the county isn't making the right deal because the supervisors don't want to lose their parking other sweet. back he says it has nothing to do with things like perks or tickets, the diamondbacks have
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in upgrades to the stadium and have threatened to leave if they don't get it. the diamondbacks president wrote i will assume based upon your comments there is no interest in furthering the partnership. attorneys for the team did not comment for this story but andy kunasek questions whether the improvements are in the valley's best interest. >> i don'tfe commitment to the valley. swimming, gymnastics and track and field. some of the most popular events. but tourists are taking advantage of less exciting events. 80 percent of the tickets to the games have sold out. but for competitions like women's rugby and kayaking, tickets are pretty much the cost of a fast food meal. >> i think we have tickets for 26 events.
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>> brazilian police say they have arrested 40 people for scalping and taken away hundreds of counterfeit tickets. there's a new resident. a 2-year-old jag wire. -- jaguar. you can check her out at the new jaguar exhibit. that open sunday. with living in the valley it can be hard to find a quiet place to sit and collect your thoughts. but this hiker found a little privacy. this was taken this morning. lots of people have been making comments that maybe she shouldn't be off the trail like that. we want to say thanks to our news chopper forgetting a shot with a zoom lens. we were not disturbing her. everything you need to know before prime time is next.
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heads up if you're wondering where tran05's. he is pulling double duty. he is with his at 10 pm and pulling an all nighter and with this at 4:30 a.m.
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you see. want more to say when it comes to hla? proposed changes. that is all new on the cbs 5 news at 10. a chance of storms overnight tonight. and throughout the day tomorrow. a high of 97. below-average temperatures through friday. chance of storms through thursday. things dry out over the weekend. a grand jury has indicted couple accused of leaving their child to go play pokimon go. brianna daley and brent daley are facing one count of child abuse. and neighbor found their 2- year-old boy alone outside. investigators believe he was alone for at least 90 minutes. delta airlines still has not recovered fully from the power outage. some computer systems are going slower than usual. the company had canceled more
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a spokesperson says a piece of power equipment failed and that led to the outage. be sure to connect with cbs 5 and share your story with us. new tonight, it is not your typical place. this in croatia especially caters to dogs. it offers pizza, chips and ice. made for dogs. even a nonalcoholic we're told it's healthy. >> you just don't want to walk barefoot. just a warning. >> that is it for cbs 5. we see you back here at 10 with sean
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